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Clarification on complaints of persons with disabilities

SERTRACEN wishes to clarify to the community in general, as a result of recent publications on social networks about complaints from drivers with some degree of disability regarding the requirements and processes for the renewal of their driver's license the following: Sertracen operates the service of issuance and renewal of driving licenses under contract of the ATTT, complying with the provisions of the Traffic Regulations included in Executive Decree 640, Law 146 that establishes general rules for the issuance of vehicle driving licenses and that dictates other provisions, the ATTT procedures manual and other related laws. In the process of issuing licenses to citizens with some degree of disability or physical mobility, the legal regulations in force already mentioned have been respected and applied. However, it has proceeded to consult and request approval from the Transit and Land Transportation Authority of those cases that require ATTT approval for presenting situations that deviate...

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